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Our strategy is to invest in projects that aim at developing medical devices, medical technology and digitally charged products, which integrate information technologies with healthcare, while conferring healthcare benefits to the patients and to the doctors that follow them. This strategy, based on our management’s in depth knowledge of the market and solutions available, may allow a substantial risk mitigation strategy when compared to assets from more traditional sectors.

At Hovione Capital, we are however convinced that this will only be observed if the investments are seen as risk exposure vehicles to carefully selected business proposals, after validation by industry experts present within the management team.

We believe in reaching superior than stock market returns, through a careful risk management approach, with professionalism and excellence, without losing the focus on the quality, potential and merit of the project, the entrepreneur team and without harming the trust in the teams we support and supervise closely.

To meet this goal, we count on a team of professionals who have distinguished careers and a deep experience in Healthcare, project management and asset management.

We select and analyze each investment with unique criteria, aimed at identifying specific risks, that, when well managed, will enable increased revenue streams for our investors. The strategy for each asset may include a combination of the following: 
  • Seed: acquisition of a minority stake in the start-up company, with a clear expectation of support, growth and value generation and enhancement for a potential exit.
  • Value generation: acquisition of a stake in an already established company, with the expectation to improve and redefine the business model, implement solutions for improved profitability, for maximizing the exit potential.
  • Expansion: by taking advantage of the team’s experience, to develop and expand the business capabilities, maximizing the exit strategy potential.