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Adding Value

Identifying investment opportunities

At Hovione Capital we capitalize on an extensive contact network, ranging from our investors, business partners and executive team, to better identify the best business alternatives for our investors. Our partners and senior executives have maintained professional activities in both national and international environments for several years.

Extracting value through development and growth effectiveness

At Hovione Capital we aim to significantly add value, especially in the clear definition and careful assessment of the underlying assumptions behind an investment proposal and our hands-on, in depth perception of the market. This assessment is also paramount in extracting hidden value and capitalizing the growth and development of the assets evaluated, as well as key at the operational and management level. We are typically involved in the daily functions of an asset management company. Hence we develop a deep market and sector understanding in which we invest in.

Hovione Capital’s executive team typically has over 15 years’ experience in the health sector.

Investment and funding

Hovione Capital was founded through the conjugation of different experiences in the healthcare, medical devices and financial sectors. Thus, and even though we are centering our strategy in value generation and extraction, both in terms of operations but also in the go-to-market strategy of our assets, we are concerned with applying light and efficient capital structures suitable for each project and investor profile.